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Split Blog Post Content With WordPress More Tag

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Why Should You Create Posts With More Tag

Most of the blogs created in wordpress uses the default templates. So the posts in your home page and category pages will show its full content to the user. This is not a user friendly method since home page may contain at leaset 10 posts per page. If the content of your posts is long user will not be able to quickly find out the posts they are interested in. Instead they may have scroll down through a long page to find out the post titles. Also new users like to see the summery of content in your blog before they actually decide to bookmark or subscribe your blog. So its important to make your home page as user friendly and easy to read as possible.

How To Split The Post Into Sections With More Tag

Considering that its better to provide a summery of your post in the home page and full content in the single post page.Wordpress provides more tag to
break the page into sections. In the home page include the summery or start of your post in a way that readers will have an intereset to read the rest
of the post content.

<!–more–> Tag will break the post into sections.

How To Use More Tag In Your Posts
Wordpress More Tag Summery

Insert your post content in the format shown in the above example. First create your summery content. Then insert the more tag in the wordpress post editor.
Then insert the remaining content and save the post.

Once you add more tags to your posts the home page will be displayed as shown in the following image. You can see that only the summery content is shown with
read more link. Once you click on the read more link you will be directed to the remaining content of this blog post. This allows users to get clear understanding about
the type of content on your blog.

Wordpress More Tag Summery

Home page after inserting more tags

Wordpress Single Post

Single blog post page (Full Content of the post)

Customize The Read More Link

Wordpress Customize Read More Link

Change the the_content method of your wordpress theme to customize the text of the read more link. Normally this method is located at index.php on your theme. But it will
vary according to your theme. So search for the_content() method and replace the text with your text.

the_content('Read more content');

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