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InnovativePHP is a complete product created for web developers,web designers,bloggers and anyone who has an interest in Web Application Development. It will provide complete knowledge and resources to build your career as a Web Professional. InnovativePHP will provide innovative web solutions that can inspire you beyond your imagination.
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InnovativePHP BLOG

InnovativePHP Blog is maintained to provide the things happening and will happen on InnovativePHP. Also I am going to make reviews on products i have used in my web development career to help the new developers.

  • Updates on InnovativePHP
  • Product Reviews
  • Upcoming Events and Applications on InnovativePHP
  • Future Plans and Suggestions

IBlocks Plugin For Wordpress

IBlocks also known as Innovative Blocks is a wordpress plugin which provides the ability to change your blog design and blog components dynamically with ease. iblocks uses wordpress shortcode API to provide this functionality.

  • Easy to use design templates.
  • Interactive Componets for increase usability.
  • Dynamically chaneg the blog design.

InnovativePHP Tutorial Center

Tutorial Center is developed to provide knowledge on various categories to users from basic knowledge to advanced knowledge. Main focus of Tutorial Center is given on Web Development and Design.

  • Tutorials on various categories in Web Development,Design,Blogging,Internet Marketing
  • Guide To Practical Application Development
  • Guide To Using External Tools,Plugins and applications

InnovativePHP Demo Lab

Demo Lab provides various code snippets on web development and design with live demonstrations. Users can contribute by enhancing the functionalities of provided Demos.

  • View Live Demos
  • Download Full Source Code
  • Improve and Publish Demos with Your Profile

InnovativePHP Quiz Lab

Quiz Lab is an application developed to test the theoritical knowledge and thinking capacity of web developers and designers. Registered users can take quizes provided on various categories.

  • Multiple Choics Quizes
  • Rank Among Friends
  • Pusblish Your Capabilieis For Clients