September 7, 2016


About Me
Bits and Bytes of My Blogging Life

Hi, I am Rakhitha Nimesh Ratnayake,Software engineer and writer from Sri Lanka. I like to develop applications and write on latest technologies. I am available for freelance writing and WordPress development. You can read my latest book on Building Impressive Presentations with Impress.js.

I am a regular contributor to 1stWebDesigner, Tuts+ network and Sitepoint network. Make sure to contact him at or follow him on Twitter and Google+

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5 Reasons Why You Might Like Me And My Work
  • I am providing free Tutorials on Web Development, Design and Blogging related topics to help you improve your knowledge.
  • InnovativePHP is allowing Guest Posts for fellow bloggers who wants to publish their content and writing skills to the world.
  • I am going develop small Products and script on innovative things and offer source code and process of developing them free of charge.
  • I am going to provide external site links related to these topics and talk about people who mastered the art of Web Development and Blogging.
  • Innovative Quizes will be provided on many categories of web development and design to evaluate your knowledge.

Why I Do It
  • To build a network of web professionals to help each other solve their web application related problems easily.
  • To improve the knowledge of fellow developers and designers around the world who have same interests as me.
  • To make my dream products into reality.
  • To improve my personal profile as a web developer.
  • To improve my web development , design and blogging skills.

WhatI Do
  • Write tutorials on web development, web design and blogging related topics.
  • Create innovative web products and scripts.
  • Guide new people on developing their career as a web developer or blogger.
  • Share my experiences gained by web developing and blogging.
  • Share important web sites and tools i find on Internet.
How I Do It
  • When I get free time I think about the things I need to get knowledge on .
  • I research on the topics using google search to find what others have done on these things and what else they have left for me to complete..
  • Once I feel I have enough knowledge and something different to offer, I start writing the tutorial or developing the product.
  • I use my 5 years experience as a student and web developer to produce this stuff.
  • I spent most of the time on weekends to improve InnovativePHP. Apart from that I use to read lot of books and blogs which helps me to become a better person.

Where Else Can You Find Me